Tips For Opening A Fruit Shop

Fruits are widely consumed and are an essential source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Apart from providing nutrition, they are mainly consumed for their taste. Fruits such as apples and oranges tend to be the most popular in the word, but this does not mean they are the most popular in every country. A fruit shop is a great business idea, albeit a risky one. Here are some tips that will help you.


One of the biggest risks when running a fruit shop is going to be that the fruits could expire if they aren’t sold on time. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you take measures to try and prolong their life span. Invest some time in finding an ice gel packs supplier, so that you can preserve the life of food, by storing them in a cool temperature. This will not prevent them from expiring however, so you will still have to be prepared to experience a few fruits expiring. Another reason why you would want to preserve them is so that they stay fresh and will therefore be more tempting to buy.

Offer juice options

Fruits and juices often go together. Therefore, when opening a fruit stall, try to have a juice bar within the shop as well. To prepare the juice, you will only need a blender and a few ingredients such as sugar. Try to have the juices prepared when the customer requests them, so that they will be able to see it being freshly prepared. Apart from this, the customer will have certain preferences for how they would like their juices made. For instance, some may prefer less sugar or no sugar at all in their fruit juice, so you will have to adjust accordingly.

Focus on the packaging

When selling fruits, you should try to focus on the packaging as well. This is going to apply mainly to bulk orders, which require distribution over long distances. For this, you should have them packed in some ice gel pads, so that they stay fresh. This will also help improve the quality of your store and therefore customers will be more tempted to purchase fruits from your stall. You won’t need to go to this extent for smaller orders, as simple packaging will suffice.

Therefore, running a fruit shop could be a highly profitable business. One of the best ways of making it more profitable is if you can grow your own fruits and therefore, making a bigger profit on selling the produce.